SMILE has been involved with an informal settlement called Mooiplaats in the Sunderland Ridge area in Centurion since 2009.

It is estimated that the community have a population of approximately 16000 people.
The informal settlement does not have running water, electricity or other municipal services.

We firmly believe and focus on the people and the process instead of the product and the project. 

We make use of asset based community development, which means we use what is available or existing in a community. That can vary from skills of people, to existing structures.
We do not become their saviour, but come alongside them, and help where needed to empower the community to be able to become more sustainable or find solutions to their challenges.

Our value of asset-based community building has resulted in the following:

Team Creative Day Care:

A day-care centre in the informal settlement, registered as an NPO of the community. It serves approximately 65 children of the community and provides jobs to 8 members of the community.It provides development of 3 to 6-year-old children, by following a curriculum SMILE provided and assisted teachers to apply successfully. This includes:

  • Art time
  • Story time,
  • Gross and small motor development stations,
  • Water play,
  • Music and movement,
  • Musical instruments, etc.
Bigger community involvement:

Adopt-A-Smile programme allows the church or any other individuals to partially pay the school fees of:

  • Families with more than one child in the day care
  • Vulnerable or very needy children
  • As management finds fit
Ekuphumuleni garden and studio:

A group of ladies from the community established a garden which supplies:

  • Freshly picked vegetables, added daily to the menu of the adjacent day care, ensuring the best nutrition possible;
  • Freshly picked vegetables to their own community
  • propagating herbs and seedlings,
  • making art and bowls from recycled items,
  • jewellery making (successfully delivered over 8000 necklaces as corporate gifts to a big corporate), etc.
Skills Development

What started off as a project to supply fresh vegetables, soon blossomed into much more than that through skills development SMILE provides:Skills development includes:

  • propagating herbs and seedlings,
  • making art and bowls from recycled items,
  • jewelry making (including the successful delivery of over 8000 necklaces as corporate gifts to a large company), etc.
Bigger community involvement:

Hatfield Christian Church South hosts a market day every last Sunday of the month and/or on community days, to encourage our community to support by purchasing products or assisting with sales on market days (volunteers of Hatfield Christian Church South Routed group).

Discipleship through Discovery Groups

Our Christian foundation branched out in having discovery groups with people of the community. Although still in the early stages of discovering God together, we are so encouraged with the hunger and enthusiasm of the group we currently engage with.

Our operations are made possible through financial contributions of the following partnerships:
  • Corporates or Businesses;
  • Hatfield Christian Church South;
  • Individuals.
We invite above partners to donate to specific needs, eg:
  • food for day care,
  • portable toilets,
  • gas,
  • educational toys,
  • stationery,
  • compost,
  • training,
  • fertilizer,
  • food and clothes to staff,
  • maintenance of centre, etc.
  • special events like graduation day, Zoo trips, Christmas parties, etc.
  • special needs projects like a classroom, skills studio, vegetable tunnels, furniture, fixing old or broken items, etc.

Smile Impact is registered as a NPO and PBO which means we issue article 18A certificates (Tax exemption) to the value of donations (financial contributions or other items).

For more information please contact our church office on 012 654 0692 or

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