To attend any of the following courses, please contact our church office on 012 654 0692 or email


This is our new members’ orientation which we host at our church premises over two days (a Friday evening and Saturday morning). ABC is an acronym for Accept- Belong- Commit. During this weekend, we present a range of sessions intended to give persons interested in becoming members an insight into our vision, values, foundational belief principles, “doing life together” as a community and an opportunity to discuss any questions relating to the aforementioned. We also use this opportunity to have prospective new members meet and interact with some of our leaders and pastors.


One of our core values is helping every believer grow in their relationship with God as Father. During this course, we use solid, foundational DVD teachings by Bob Mumford on the ‘Agape Road’, – God’s perfect sacrificial love toward us.  Agape Road’s core message is that we are called and encouraged to journey toward greater intimacy with the Father. As life happens, so do challenges appear that often make our walk seem more difficult. The approach that Bob uses through his illustrations is to help every believer recognize and deal with these challenges as they appear.


We can experience freedom and blessing – It’s our birth right!!!

Positioned for Blessing aims at establishing your identity, self-esteem and purpose in life, so that you can be a success.  The course covers, amongst other issues, anger, depression, fear, insecurities, emotional burn-out, addictions, sexual brokenness and unforgiveness.  These undesirable life patterns can result in bondages and curses that rob our lives of God’s blessing.

Purpose of the course:

  • To help people position themselves “in blessing” and “to become a blessing” to others
  • To bring healing to peoples’ lives where there has been brokenness or wounded hearts
  • Stop generational strongholds and curses from being passed on by us to our children
  • The restoration and healing of relationships within the family eg. husband, wife, parent-child etc
  • To allow God to restore people’s identity through the impartation of the “Father’s” blessing and to give people new purpose and meaning to their lives

Topics covered include:

  • Kingdom positioning – Sonship vs orphan thinking
  • Strongholds and their effects
  • Critical times of blessing in our development years
  • Positioned in shame or honour
  • Positioned in judgment or forgiveness
  • Positioned through sowing and reaping
  • Receiving the Father’s blessing in your life
  • Positioned for a new inheritance and success
  • Taking up your position


LTS is a unique course designed to equip Christians for an ongoing discipleship journey. In this course, we explore the Father Heart of God, the impact of Jesus at the cross, and the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives.  The personal growth and strengthened relationship with the Father that this course offers has been highly acclaimed by so many. Elders, Shepherds and Community Group leaders facilitating these sessions, have themselves also completed the course. The course comprises a combination of live and DVD teachings.  The teachings lead into each other, so it is imperative that you commit yourself to attend all the sessions for 10 evenings.  Some of the subjects that are covered include, “Father heart of God”, “Intimacy with Father”, “The work and the way of the cross” and “Deliverance”. As a pre-requisite, members who want to do LTS should have done Positioned for Blessing and/or Agape Road series.

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