We are a Spirit led community, transforming our world by connecting people to a real and growing relationship with Jesus Christ equipping them to make a difference in the world.

And I pray that the fellowship of your faith may become effective through the knowledge of every good thing which is in you for Christ’s sake. – Philemon1:6


Hatfield Christian Church South (HCCS) was planted out of the Hatfield Christian Church (East) and while HCC South has been an autonomous congregation since 2005, we maintain a close relationship with the Hatfield Christian Church. Pastor Louis and Natasja Kotze have been our senior pastors since 2005 and now lead both congregations since March 2016.  HCCS is part of The Christian Network (TCN) and has relationships with over 200 churches in Southern Africa who are part of TCN.  Pastor Louis serves on the core leadership of TCN and is the Provincial Leader for Gauteng. For the sake of mutual encouragement and effective mission, we have strong relationships with churches and networks on other continents. Some of these include The O2 Network in Texas, USA and the Ground Level Network in the UK.

For more information please contact our church office at 012 654 0692 or email info@hccsouth.co.za


Sundays at 08H30 | HCC South


We are located at
174 Erasmus Ave,
Plot 116, Raslouw


We believe in the Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, three in one together in perfect unity. We believe that God created us to have relationship with Him and gave us dominion over the Earth. Man, however, fell in sin and lost his standing and relationship with God. The Father sent His son Jesus and by believing in His death and resurrection we can be reconciled with God. Jesus is now seated with the Father in heavenly places, but sent us the Holy Spirit to empower us for the mission of making disciples, He also guides into all truth by illuminating the inerrent Word of God.

Acceptance | Diversity
We live in a wonderfully diverse world, we believe in unity, in diversity that honours God. Uniformity can never be a true expression of Gods diversity. We consciously pursue diversity and to be a safe and accepting place for people, whatever their past or current situation. We are a home for a wide variety of people and encourage them to explore their questions and progress in their spiritual journey at the pace God sets for each of us. We provide a biblical base from which people can serve with their unique blends of cultural experiences, gifts, challenges, and insights, believing that we will be enriched as a community by the contributions of everyone.

For us, church should be more than a meeting that we attend; it should also be a community of people that understand that they serve God better together. We strive to be a church where everyone is strongly tied into the life of our community through meaningful relationships. People need people, especially when it comes to learning, growing and changing. It is as we all give and receive from one another that we begin to experience the rich life possible in God. We will never enjoy the full life available in Jesus if we never laugh, cry, work, communicate, forgive, serve, struggle, worship and play together, connected to God and one another in a dynamic community of faith. We believe that we will not reach our community if we are not first an attractive open community. We are part of the community we live in and it is only as we befriend people that we will have any chance to love them.

Marriage | Family
We love family and enjoy serving God as families. All families are unique but no families are perfect. Every family is being restored back into God’s original plan to be a display of the love of God to its members as well as the community. Single people, those that have been divorced or have lost their family all form part of our spiritual family that together enjoy the beauty of young and old serving God together.

Authenticity | Integrity
Taking our place as salt and light in this world requires a high standard of morality; our humanity can never be excused for sinfulness. Jesus is Lord of every area of our lives and everything we do must reflect that. This we declare humbly, as we know we will fail; therefore, we refuse to be judgemental, but also do not shrink back from standing against sin and injustice where we see it.

Innovation | Creativity
Our God is the Creator of all and we only have to look around to see His awesome creativity. His Spirit in us will give birth to many new and creative ways to serve Him and His work. We have a deep tradition founded in the timeless values and principles of scriptures. It is this unchanging foundation that provides us the security to engage an ever-changing society and to be innovative as we communicate God’s truth and deal with the issues of our day. We do not wish to merely be relevant, but also be sensitive to prophetic ministry, were we want to lean into the future by anticipating the new things that God is doing.

Leadership | Servanthood: 
God has called each of us to leadership, which starts with leading ourselves and then taking the responsibility for leading His family to experience His Kingdom. Leadership is about serving; by seeking the best for others we gain the opportunity to have a godly influence. You will find a spirit of servanthood evident among us as we work together as well as when we give and share God’s blessings. We hold fast to what Jesus said: “It is more blessed to give than to receive”.


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